I began reading Tarot in late 2015. I believe that the Tarot serves as a blueprint for the soul. It teaches us more about who we are, who we were, and who we are capable of becoming. Tarot readings are a deeply spiritual and often emotional experience and require a certain level of spiritual maturity. They are a sacred private, confidential interaction that often shake both the client and healer to the core.

Each and every reading is just as much of a magical experience for me as they are for you.

Tarot will always be one of my first loves as it taught me so much about myself, my past, and my intuition. I am humbled and privileged to provide you with spiritual guidance and emotional support in this deeply enchanting and ancient practice.

One Hour reading:      $100

Half hour reading:        $70

Couple's Reading:        $125



Half hour readings are only available to returning clients

For events/groups please email me for more information at contact@ninayasmin.com

Facetime and Skype readings available upon request.


We all know life can be hectic and often unplanned, but please be courteous. If you must reschedule, please provide advanced notice (preferably 24 hours).

*Nina Yasmin does not claim to be a fortune teller. While aspects of the future may come up in your readings, the purpose of the tarot (at least for me) is to provide clients with the opportunity to come into contact with one's higher self.

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