New Year Spread

The purpose of this exercise is to take a look at what the overall new year will bring for you. To accomplish this spread successfully, you must use a thoroughly cleansed deck. The idea is to pull a card for every month of the year (Jan – Dec) including one card to represent the new year overall. In total, 13 cards will be pulled. If you feel inclined, you can pull an additional card for January of the following year. This is totally up to you. I suggest pulling your cards for your New Year Spread within 3-5 days prior or post New Years Eve.

I have found that taking a photograph of the spread and paying attention to what card represents each month can be soothing and grounding. There is solace in knowing if we are going through a difficult time that it is close to an end. There is peace in knowing that as the seasons change so may our perspective on life. Creating a year-long spread helps to prepare us for what may be looming over our heads in the near future. Furthermore, creating a year-long spread helps us recognize and acknowledge energies both entering and leaving our lives.

This will be my second year in a row creating a spread for myself for the new year.

In the past, I was hesitant on doing this type of thing. I was hesitant that if I pulled a difficult/dark card then it would essentially ruin my month in which said dark card had been pulled. However, I was quite pleased with my spread for 2016. Whenever something threw me for a loop or took me by surprise, I found myself resorting back to the photo of my year-long spread and feeling much more at ease. Essentially, there were very few hurdles that came my way which I was completely unaware of. I felt I was much more able to adapt to unfamiliar circumstances and territory with the knowledge of what the year held for me.

In addition, on the first of every month, I would make a new altar for the card that month was represented by. When making an altar, be sure to cleanse the altar space and all tools/objects that will be placed on it each time even if we are using the same clear quartz or the same incense holder on a regular basis. It is important to remember that altar objects should be cleansed each time we create a new one to remove any residual, unwanted energy from the past. I prefer to remove all objects from my altar, then wipe the altar space down with Florida Water. I follow that by the sageing of each object and then finishing it off by leaving a burning stick of Palo Santo on the completed new altar. I would not suggest if the card for any month is a dark card to create an altar for it for more than 24 hours, as this may enhance negative energy.

To conclude, New Year Tarot spreads can be a wonderful tool to have under the belt to help us prepare for what is yet to come. They are simple and often highly effective. I do suggest before pulling cards for this activity that you meditate on the cleansed deck. This is not something that should be done in a rush, and you should take a day or some time when you really can visualize on what you would like to see happen in the New Year for yourself. The more inviting and calming the space is when you pull the cards and the more clear and open your head is the better off you will be. If you pull a few dark cards (or even more than a few) for the spread, don't freak out! As we all know, some years are better than others for us (I have had my share of difficult years, as I am sure the majority of you have). This does not mean that your entire year is ruined or that there will not be surprises. It is important to remember that not every card in the Tarot is always an accurate representation of us. In fact, some cards are more likely to be other people, experiences, energies in your life. As always, it is important to go into this exercise with an open mind and a clear conscience. Visualize releasing what no longer serves you and wiping the slate clean to begin another year.

Happy holidays and a bright and prosperous New Year to you and yours.

Be you, Be Free, Be Well,

Nina Yasmin

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