The Hierophant

I have been seeing this card around me a lot lately. I am a firm believer of signs presenting themselves to us in various forms. For me there is always a bit of significance in having a Tarot card fall out of the deck unintentionally. Or seeing that Tarot card in unexpected places. When the same Tarot card appears numerous times it should be taken into consideration.

Signs and symbols are all around us. For many healers in the spiritual community they are recognized and universally understood to represent something bigger than just coincidence. This issue for most people is not that they are not being sent signs from the universe, it is that they have not been trained to see them and recognize them in their everyday life. Many of us have reoccurring themes and images that follow us throughout our lifetime. However, we are often so overwhelmed with the daily stresses and distractions that life has to offer, that we fail to see the signs in front of us. When our mind and consciousness is constantly distressed, disturbed or preoccupied it can become difficult to recognize signs and symbols that have been placed in our path. When this happens we are more likely to be sent signs or symbols through our dreams. Dreaming is often a way for us to absorb signs and symbols as we are less likely to be distracted. Have you ever had a dream where you awoke in the morning and said to yourself “Hmm, well that was weird. I wonder what that was about?” and within 15 minutes of beginning your day completely forgot the dream all together? This is very common for the over worked, over stressed, overstimulated mind. Signs and symbols can appear to us in the forms of numbers, colors, shapes, animals, words, sounds, people, etc. It is important for us to be aware of seemingly everyday occurrences. Learning to recognize signs and symbols allows us to practice mindfulness and can create a deeper understanding of what life on Earth is all about.

Over the past month the Hierophant has come to me on almost a weekly basis. Whether it is that he falls out of the deck when I am shuffling my cards, or is the one card that I cannot seem to find when cleansing my deck, or the card on the top of the deck when opening my cards. At times I have even seen visual manifestations of him in different settings. Whether it is a dream of a Crow/ Raven coming to me or seeing this particular bird in peculiar settings in my waking life.

The Hierophant is the fifth in the Major Arcana. He is a deeply spiritual and traditionally religious figure and in some decks of often referred to as The Pope, The Shaman or the Chiron. For many people including myself, this card is often seen as someone else in our lives. Often someone who has a deep connection to spirituality, and religion. Often someone who choose to give our spiritual authority to. He can represent someone either living or decease. The Hierophant represents guidance, teaching, supervision and direction. He almost always appears in our life as the representation of someone we put or have a tremendous amount of faith in. He represents a link between mere mortals and a connection to Spirit and the divine (thus why he sits on a key). For these reasons he is referred to as one of the most holy cards in the deck. He can be seen as a spiritual or religious mentor or guide.

The Hierophant often arrives when we are in need of some form of guidance. He can be a reminder to connect with our spiritual or religious roots & background to provide comfort. Or he can come to represent someone in our lives (generally someone religious or with a high level of respect in our community) who would be of great assistance and comfort for us. He is a reminder to rely on our faith in times where we feel lost. He is there to hold our hand and guide us through the unknown.

When a tarot card presents itself to us or when symbols or metaphors connected with that Tarot card appear to us in everyday life it is imperative that we ask ourselves, what is being sent to me? By whom? What is the purpose or intention of receiving this message from the universe? And most importantly, what is this card and its energy trying to tell me about my life and the path that I am currently on?

As above, so below.

Until next time, Love and Light to all.

Be You, Be Free, Be Well,

Nina Yasmin

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