The World

The World is the final card in the Major Arcana. It signifies a journey has been completed. Something has come to an end, and it is time to celebrate. We have made it through something significant and now is the time to be and feel triumphant.

To me the world feels like:

Finally arriving at our destination after hours and hours of sitting on a plane, train, or in a car. You are finally able to move again. The feeling comes back to the lower half of your body. The wheels come to a stop . You put your shoes back on, grab your luggage, and head off into the unexplored.

Standing on the stage in front of an audience as your name is called to receive your diploma/degree/certificate. You can hear your friends and family calling out your name in the sea of faces you are hardly able to make out. Your professor/teacher/mentor/dean shakes your hand and says, “congratulations.”

Friday at 4:59 pm after a long, tedious, uneventful work week. You pack up your belongings, turn off your computer, head for the elevator, hit Lower Level, and say, “see ya Monday," or "have a nice weekend,” to every single person you pass on your way out. You're heading home.

The World encourages us to take a moment to exhale deeply -- to look around and say, “I made it, finally.” We have accomplished what we intended to do. By no means is our journey over, there will be another Monday morning, another hurdle to jump over, another flight of stairs to climb, another journey for us to tackle. But not right now, not today. Today is for admiring our achievements and giving thanks to ourselves and all those who held our hands as we pushed through the fear and the pain and the determination to get to the finish line. We will have to do it all again, such is life, but not quite this second.

And first... a drink to celebrate!

Be you, Be free, Be well,

Nina Yasmin

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